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Great Britain to Germany
March 29, 1893

We have here the first half of a U.P.U. reply card of the 1890s.
It lends itself to interesting speculation.

It was sent to the Director of the Royal Statistical Bureau in Germany.
The card says that a publication has been sent to the recipient
on behalf of the Inspector General of Chinese Customs in Peking.
The sender was the London Office of the Inspector General.
I would expect the publication was some variety of report
regarding the activities of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs.
The link also notes Sir Robert Hart's tenure
from 1863 to 1911 in his position as inspector general.
If you don't already know, you'll be amazed to learn
how extensive the activities of this agency were.
This was at a time when Europeans controlled
much of China's external commerce.
It was only a few years until the Boxer Rebellion.

The attached card may well have requested confirmation
of the publication's arrival or offered an
opportunity to subscribe to future issues.

The card, a 1d. Victoria, is postmarked at London S.W.
The killer is a barred oval with  SW|38.
The card went into the German mail system
on March 30 and arrived in Berlin on March 31.


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