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Costa Rica to United States

March 27, 1904

This cover was sent from Costa Rica.
We can't tell the city because the purple CDS is illegible however, I believe the CDS
did not include a city mark only a CORREOS or something similar.
The stamps are cancelled with two strikes of a target killer.

The cover was addressed to New York City where it arrived on April 6.*
There are two New York receivers on the back.
The first is a machine cancel with a wavy lines killer applied in the foreign mail branch.
The second is just a machine dial applied in the city post office after the transfer.
The recipient's docket says, "Received April 6th. | Ans. on the 11th       1904."

The cover is franked with 1903 singles of 4c. José M. Cañas red violet and black and
6c. Julián Volio olive green and black (Scott 55 and 56).

*Jim Whitford-Stark points out that 57th Street was one
of the last bastions of retail philately in New York City.
Was Mrs. Delgado a dealer?


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