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March 27, 1901

This cover is franked with 6 different 5 centavo stamps!

From left to right, 1883 ultramarine roulette (Scott 28),
1900 black 5c. surcharge on 1899 30c. rose carmine
roulette (Scott 50),
1901 dull blue Type II (Scott 78), 1900 deep blue Type I (Scott 41),
and two additional stamps which I cannot identify but which I believe to be revenues.
Any 'revenooers' around?

The cover received 5 Valparaiso datestamps.
There is an additional legend on the CDS
that translates as "Free Handling."*
It's also suggested that this is a favor cancellation.*
The rate is meaningless.*

I'm not sure of the last line of the address.

*Thanks to Mauro for his additions.


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