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Libya to Italy

March 26, 1922

This cover is franked with a 1921 black brown and brown orange
15c portraying Diana of Ephesus (Scott 24) and a 1921
25c ultramarine Victor Emmanuel III of Italy overprinted LIBIA (Scott 36).

It has two CDS which has been confirmed as Bengasi
(now Banghazi) on the Mediterranean coast in northeast Libya.
Further, the text in the lower half of the CDS is for
' or Correspondence Office.*
This may be an equivalent of Post Office;
however, Ufficio Postale is used for Post Office in Italian.

The destination of the cover was Rome.
The address reads:

Nobile (To the Noble)
Dott.ssa. (Dottoressa = Lady Doctor) Giuseppina Santoro
Via Giov. Laura 150

*Thanks to Paul, Knud-Erik, Bill B., and particularly Paolo B.
for help in clarifying the cancellation and the addressee.


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