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Württemberg to Poland

March 25, 1890

Württemberg, a member of the German Confederation,
became a part of the German Empire in 1870.
It issued its first stamps in 1852 and maintained
its postal autonomy until March 31, 1902.
It continued to issue official stamps until 1923.

This postal card was sent from Pfullingen which
is a small town about 20 km south of Stuttgart.
Its destination was Breslau (now Wroclau) in Poland.
The indicia on the card resembles the
stamps issued during the period of 1874 to 1900.

There are two incomplete CDS.
There is also a a receiver dated March 27.
AUSG. is an abbreviation for ausgabe meaning delivery.
This cancel indicates delivery No. 1 on March 27.*

The card was docketted by the recipient (partners of some sort?)
with the sender's name, date sent and the town.

*Thanks to Knud-Erik for unravelling this receiver for me.
(Now, if I can only remember it the next time I encounter it! ;-) )


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