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Jamaica to United States
March 24, 1798

This folded letter was carried out of the mails by a ship's Captain.
It was sent from Kingston which was the commercial center of Jamaica.
It was addressed to Mr. William Myer Junr.,  Merchant, New Bury Port.
Newburyport was an important port in Massachusetts north of Boston.
The cover was carried "pr. favr. ________ | Capt. Mayhugh.
The cover enclosed an update of accounts plus a list of Prices Current.

As you can see, the list was preprinted and updated by hand.
The prices current were a list of current buying prices at the docks in Kingston.
They represent an open offer to buy the commodities.

The prices are quite interesting both in amount and the commodities considered.
I think that rum at 5/- a gallon is my favorite!
Interestingly, Masts and Spars were not wanted.
The letter indicates that "lumber is much wanted
and the Price continues high, in case you send."


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