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Danzig to United States

March 24, 1923

Danzig (now Gdansk) was restored to its status as a
free city by the Versaille treaty at the end of World War I.
It issued its own stamps between 1920 and 1939.

In 1923 the inflation following World War I destroyed the economies
of Germany and the countries formerly in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Danzig was not immune to the inflation which swept through Europe in 1923.

This is an example of an early inflation cover from Danzig.
By March, the registry postage to New York for this envelope was 470m.
The franking consists of a 300m 1923 blue green and red coat of arms,
a 150m 1923 violet and red, and a 20m orange brown
from the 1922-23 issue (Scott 118, 108,  and 103).

Study of the catalog shows the hyper inflation which hit Danzig at this time.
They had trouble keeping up just as Germany did.

The stamps were cancelled with sharp strikes of a Danzig CDS.
It also received a Danzig registry label and was stamped EINSCHREIBEN.

On its arrival in New York, it received two oval registry postmarks on April 7.
It also received two registry postmarked at
Court House Station on April 8 where it was to be delivered.
(Note: the addressee is J. M. Bartels, a prominent New York stamp dealer.)

We all know about the many collectors who study German inflation covers,
but I don't remember ever hearing about such studies of Danzig.
I'm sure that they are studied by enthusiasts.
Does anyone know of one who studies this era of Danzig?
Might be an interesting area to start a collection - probably tough.


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