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Nyasaland Protectorate to England
March 23, 1916

This 4d. registered postal stationery envelope  was sent from Zomba about
50 km upriver from Blantyre in southern Nyasaland (present day Malawi).

The cover was stamped with a registry stamp (Proud Type R5)
and the serial number 865 was inscribed.

The cover travelled an interesting route to get to its destination in Birmingham.
First the cover received two squared circle M.O.B.
(money order branch -
Proud Type D6) cancels in Zomba.
Next, the cover went on a river launch down the Shire and
Zambezi rivers to Chinde on the Indian Ocean Coast.
The British had established a clearing office
in Chinde (in Portuguese territory) in 1891.
There mail in sealed bags was passed between
Nyasaland and British or German mail steamers.
There is a Chinde B.P.O. squared circle transit mark
(Proud Type D5) on the rear dated April 6.

It arrived in England (probably Liverpool) and was probably transferred
to London where it was received in the foreign branch on May 22.
Its final stop was in Birmingham where it received
an oval Registered postmark also on May 22.

The cover was uprated with a 1913 1d. carmine-red George V (SG 85).
(It is possible that this stamp is scarlet making it SG 86).


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