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Canal Zone to United States
March 22, 1915

This picture postcard was sent from Ancon at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.
The Canal officially opened for traffic on August 15, 1914, less than a year before this card was sent.

The card is franked with a 1915 CANAL ZONE overprint (Scott 42)
of the 1915 1c Panama Canal Zone Exposition dark green and black.

The card received a machine postmark.

The destination was East Hartford just east of Hartford
in the middle of Connecticut in southern New England.

The illustration was of a ship going through the Culebra Cut
which was one of the major excavations of all times.
The excavation nearly doubled during the construction due
to unexpected earth slides to over 100 million cubic yards of material.
The Panama Canal remains a magnificent engineering feat.
An excellent history is available from this link.

David McCoullough has written the definitive history
of the project in his book, The Path Between the Seas.
The reader will be well rewarded for his interest.


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