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Uruguay to Romania

March 19, 1932

This registered airmail cover appears to have had a difficult life, to say the least!
it received five Monevideo CDS before it got on its way - and that was on the front.
(There appear to be none on the back.)

A Montevideo registry label was also added.
There also is a square stamp near the center top
which appears to be a rate calculation or fee allocation box.
(However, the numbers appear to add to 44
which doesn't match the 54 centavos on this cover.
Another of life's little mysteries.)

Its destination was Timisoara which is about 400 km west northwest
of Bucharest, 300 km southeast of Budapest and about 150 km northeast of Belgrade.
Its arrival was marked by five destination registration marks
(note small R.C.A. in CDS)  on the reverse on April 2.

It appears to have an added Timisoara CDS for April 3 with a Roman IV for April.
This was probably stamped when the item was delivered.
It does not appear to be a registry stamp.

There are other transit marks with two different for
March 28 (where?) and one for March 31 (Bucharest),
There may be another CDS under the Timisoara CDS on the lower left rear.

The franking consists of two of each of the 1928 5c olive green
and 1932 10c red orange Artigas regular issue (Scott 357 and 362)
and one 30c dark green Pegasus airmail of 1930 (Scott C42).


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