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Palestine to Germany
March 19, 1922

Unfortunately, all we have of this cover is the back side with the return address of the sender.
The sender was in Tel Aviv.
The seller indicated that the cover was addressed to Germany.

The cover was franked with overprints of the British Military Occupation stamps (E.E.F.).

These E.E.F. stamps were originally issued for use throughout
the territories occupied by the British 'Egyptian Expeditionary Force'
including Transjordan, Cilicia, Sinai, and Syria.
These are generally treated as the first issue of Palestine.

These are from the 1921 series of overprints of the E.E.F. stamps
made under British Civil Administration from July 1, 1920, to September 23, 1923.
The civil administration ended when Palestine became
a British mandate by a decision of the League of Nations .

There are three 1 millieme dark brown and one 2 millieme blue green (Scott 37 and 38).
The cover received two Tel Aviv - Jaffa CDS.
There are also two Jaffa transit marks the same day.


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