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Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika to Netherlands

March 18, 1937

This airmail cover went into the mails in Nairobi, Kenya.
It received four strikes of a double ring CDS.
Its destination was Amsterdam where it arrived on March 25 according to the receiver.

The KUT franking consists of five 1c black and red-brown,
one 5c black and green, and one 65c black and brown
all from the 1935 first issue of KUT (SG 110, 111, and 117, respectively).

On arrival in the Netherlands, it was assessed 5c postage due (blue T5 mark)
and a 5c pale ultramarine due from the 1912 issue was added (Scott J51).

I suspect that the BOA pencil marking indicated carriage on British Overseas Airways.
Can anyone suggest an explanation for the 663 marking in blue?*
It appears to have been made at the same time as the blue T5.

*David Benson made a good suggestion which explains the blue 663 marking.
First, he corrected my misread of the pencilled marking.
It is BOX and is probably a querry to determine a box number for the recipient.
That would then lead to a conclusion that the 663 is a response to the querry.


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