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Venezuela to Croatia
March 16, 1905

This UPU picture postcard was probably sent from Caracas
although parts of the single large CDS are illegible.
The picture side indicates 'Caracasa' and the harbor view
is of La Guaira, the port city on the coast just north of Caracas.

The card was franked with two 1904 General Josť de Sucre stamps.
General Josť de Sucre was a revolutionary hero and associate of Simon Bolivar.

There is a 5c blue green and a 10c carmine (Scott 231 and 232).

The sender wanted no uncertainty about the destination.
He added Europe, Austria, Croatia, after addressing the city of Zagreb.

Croatia had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled by the Hapsburgs for centuries.
After World War I it became a part of the new country Jugoslavia.

There is a Zagreb bridge receiver dated April 8, (1)905.


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