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El Salvador to England
March 15, 1930

This registered air mail cover was sent from San Salvador under somewhat unusual circumstances.

Starting January 1, 1930, Pan American Airways,
which had the U.S. Foreign Airmail Contract for F.A.M. Route No. 5
for routes in the Caribbean and Central America,
began to carry outward mail from El Salvador.

The destination on these covers, according to AAMC,
was often to countries served by other than
F.A.M Route No. 5 or even to countries not served.
This is an example of a destination not yet served by an airmail route.

This air mail was carried by Pan American to Miami and thence,
probably by another C.A.M. contractor, to New York where it
received an oval New York Foreign mail transit mark on March 20.
It was then sent to Liverpool, its final destination, via ship
where it received an oval registry mark on March 29.

The cover is franked with 1924-25 regular issues of 1 Colôn green and violet,
20c deep green, 10c orange
(Scott 504, 501, and 500),
and the first four 1929 overprinted airmails --  20c deep green,
15c on 10c orange, 25c on 35c scarlet and green, and
40c on 50 orange brown (Scot C1, C3, C4, and C5).

The cover had several special cancels from San Salvador.
The two killers are a slogan hand cancel with Correo Aereo
over an airplane with El Salvador, C. A. at the bottom with a barred field at the right.

There is also a special San Salvador foreign airmail registration

In addition, there are two cachets -- one a San Salvador airplane and one an El Salvador flag.
Obviously, this was a big deal!


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