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Chile Internal Usage
March 11, 1859

This folded letter was sent from Concepción which is
on the Chilean coast at latitude 36 degrees 50 minutes,
The letter was destined for Valparaiso which is
about 350 km north along the coast from Concepción.
Valparaiso is the port access for Santiago.
Valparaiso clings to impossibly steep cliffs, bisected by twisting footpaths,
stairways and the city's unique system of 16 funicular cars called ascensores.
The addressee lived on "The Street of the Gangplank!"*

It is a a degree and a half north of Buenos Aires
and Montevideo on the east coast of South America.

The letter received a clear blue single ring datestamp.

The cover was franked with a pair of the 5c dull redish brown
Christopher Columbus issued in 1857 (Scott 9c).

The stamps were cancelled with a blue four circle
target cancel with vertical lines in the center.

In all respects, an oldie but goodie!

*Thanks to Lisa for getting me to add these features concerning the cities and the address.


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