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China to Italy
March 11, 1901

This fascinating picture post card was sent from Peking.
The destination was Fivizzano which is a little less than 30 km inland northeast
from La Spezia midway between Genoa and Leghorn on the Ligurian Sea.

The postcard was delayed there, perhaps awaiting additional
postage, until April 2, when it was forwarded to Shanghai.
The French stamp was clearly added after the oval Peking datestamp for March 11.

It arrived in Shanghai on April 7.
It was then handed to the French Post office there for forwarding.
The date on the two French Post Office Shanghai CDS cancelling the French stamp is illegible.

  There is a Fivizzano boxed circle receiver
The date appears to be May 11, however, the date is illegible.

The card is franked with 1900 1c ocher and a 4c orange brown
Chinese Imperial post stamps (Scott 111 and 113).
The French stamp appears to be a 1898 10c black on lavender Sage
(Scott 106); however, it may be one of the offices in China.

The card's illustration is typical of the era showing unusual or severe Chinese punishments.
Note the printed heading is Deutche Reich which
adds to the international character f this postcard.

The message is datelined March 11, 1901.


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