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Germany to Argentina
March 10, 1933

This airmail letter was posted in Erfurt a little bit more than 100 km southwest of Leipzig.
The cover was addressed to Buenos Aires.

The sender typed 'L u f t p o s t' above the address
and added 'Par avion France - Amerique du Sud.'
The letter was to be sent via the French Aeropostale service to South America.

A bilingual airmail etiquette was added and a
'Durch Eilböten | Exprés' (by Special Delivery Express) label was added.

There is also a handstamp Per Eilbote | Bote bezahlt
(by special messenger | messenger has been paid*).

The cover was postmarked with one Erfurt CDS for each of the six stamps.

The transit marks on the rear are from Strasbourg
airport on March 11 and from Lyon on March 12.
There is a Buenos Aires receiving mark but the date is illegible.
There is also a handstamped 20 MAR. 1933 on the front
which is probably the date on which the recipient received the letter.
The cover is franked with stamps from the 1926-27 German Eagle airmail series.

There are three 10 pfg rose red, one 15 pfg lilac rose, one 50 pfg brown orange,
and one 1 Mark black and salmon (Scott C28, C29, C31, and C32).

I suspect that the script 10 g on the front was the weight
measured to determine the rate for this cover.

* Thanks to Ulrich Bader for explaining this hand stamp.


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