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British Guiana Domestic Use
March 9, 1891

The three Dutch counties of Demerara, Essequibo, and Berbice on the northeast coast
of South American were settled by the Dutch West Indies company ca. 1620.
They were captured by the British in 1796 and were ceded to them in 1814.
They were united in 1831 as British Guiana.

Demerara had a packet office from 1796 and somewhat later in Berbice.
In 1842 the service went from sail to steam.
British Guiana shared the services of the West Indies Packet until World War I.
British Guiana became independent Guyana
in the British Commonwealth on May 26, 1966.

This cover was sent from Georgetown to New Amsterdam
a bit less than 100 km south on the coast.

The cover is postmarked with three CDS, only one of which is legible.
There is a smudged New Amsterdam receiver on the back.

The addressee was The Chief Justice.

The eagle on the back flap is interesting but I have no explanation.
Jim Whitford-Stark suggests that it may be a cock rather than an eagle.
The cock was a symbol associated with the legal
profession and this letter may well have been from a lawyer.

The cover is franked with a pair of 1876
1c slate Seal of the Colony stamps (Scott 72).


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