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Russia to France forwarded to Belgium
March 6, 1929

This fascinating registered cover was sent from Kiev, Russia, to Paris on March 6 although it is possibly March 5.
There are three Kiev double ring CDS.*
The addressee was Mlle. Catherine Mandrique at 18 Rue Edouard Jacques, Paris 14[th
], France.
It received a double ring DISTRIBUTION CDS dated March 11 on its arrival in Paris.
There is also a small circle with 106 over B which I believe is a French registry marking.
.It was subsequently forwarded to Theatre Alhambra, 1. de Kobiefs Troupe Lilliputiens, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Could this be a troop of midget performers?

In addition to the Kiev registry label, there are several
script markings probably associated with its registry status.
There are two Russian (?) words at the top which may indicate registration.
There is an additional word written diagonally upward to
the right which looks like Bakashal which I cannot translate.**
Any help in translating these would be appreciated.

The letter was franked with the 18k dark blue Lenin
of 1928 and the the 20k dark green peasant issued in 1927.

* Kiompie described these as 'bazar' cancels and that they were uncommon in his experience.
**Phil has checked the word Bakashal and say it means "censored."


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