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Caso to Germany
March 6, 1913

Caso was one of the Dodecanese Islands seized by the Italians from the Turks in 1912.
The Italians held the islands until 1943.

In 1912 stamps of Italy overprinted Egeo were issued for use there.
These were followed by overprinted issues for 13 of the islands.

This registered cover was mailed in Caso.
There are five purple POSTE ITALIANE | CASO (Egeo) CDS.

The cover was marked Reccomandata and a preprinted registry label was applied.
Note the low number.

The cover was franked with four 2c orange brown,
2 5c green, and one 50c violet (Scott 1, 2, and 8).

Surprisingly, there is also one 2c orange brown overprinted Cos for the island of Coo.*

The cover was addressed to Ulm, Germany.

*Thanks to Mike in NYC for sharp eyes to catch this variant.


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