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Czechoslovakia to United States - Hawaii
March 3, 1927

This registered cover was mailed from Tachau which is about 100 km
north northeast of Regensburg, Germany just inside the Czechoslovakian border.

It was franked with two values of the 1926 Hradcany at Prague
stamp - 2k blue and the 3k deep red (Scott 119 and 120).

It was postmarked with two bilingual Tachau CDS.
The registry was noted with a bilingual preprinted serialized label.

It went into the United States mail in the New York Registry Division on March 23.
Two oval NY registry receivers are seen on the reverse.
At this time it was also given a United States registry serial number of 53249.

It passed through Honolulu registry on April 4.

This is certainly an uncommon source and destination.


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