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Switzerland Domestic Usage
February 29, 1860

This folded letter was sent from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, about 37 km north of Zurich.
It transited Zurich on the way to Lucerne the same day.

It is franked with two nice imperforate sitting Helvetias
(also known as Strubels - click on Strubeli - for her unkempt hair).
The 5r brown and the 10r dark blue are likely to be from the
1858 to 1860 issue (Scott 36 and 37) although the penciled notation
suggests that an earlier issue is possible.
Without reference to the paper and the silk thread colors, definitive identification is unlikely.

There are three Schaffhausen CDS on the front
and one Zurich CDS on the reverse.

All in all, a nice early cover from Switzerland.

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