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Billing Reminder - Utica, New York, Postmaster
February 25, 1854

It was common practice in 19th century post offices
to provide charge accounts to customers.
However, when it came time for the postmaster
to settle up with the accountants, he had to send the money or
explain why he couldn't.
Deadbeat customers were an excuse.

Here we find Postmaster Tiffany's reminder to
Mr. Budlong requesting him to settle his accounts.

                    P.O. Utica Feb. 25, 1854
Mr. Budlong
                Dr. Sir/
                               I shall be obliged
soon to notify the Department in a few
days that the bal. due from you has
not been paid, I therefore hope you
will have the goodness to call & pay
the amt. forthwith___
                        Yours very Truly
                                 I. Tiffany

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