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China to Scotland
February 24, 1908

This letter originated in Hankow, China, one of the Hong Kong treaty ports.
It traveled via Siberia to arrive in Edinburgh on the 20th of March according to the recipient's docket.
Transit time was 25 days accounting for the added leap year day.
Apparently the Transiberian Railway was a faster route than going through the Suez to Brindisi.

The stamp is a 4c carmine red Edward VII watermarked multiple crown
and CA from the 1907 to 1911 issue on chalk surfaced paper (SG 93).

I believe that the addressee is the wife of
Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour, Professor of Botany,  who became the Regius Keeper
of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh from 1888 to 1922.
Under his leadership, it became a leading taxonomic center.


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