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Hong Kong to United States
February 23, 1900

This interesting commercial cover was probably sent in
response to a request for information from the addressee.
Many ethnic merchants in the United States imported
goods with which their customers were familiar.
At the turn of the 20th century there were many settlements
of Chinese and other orientals on the US west coast.

Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula is separated from Seattle by Puget Sound.
Although it is only about 65 km NNW of Seattle as the crow flies
it is a 2 hour drive and a 30 minute ferry ride to skirt the Sound.

The stamps used are a pair of the 10 cent violet on red Victorias of 1891 (Scott 44).
There are two strikes of the the Hong Kong CDS.
The reverse has a San Francisco receiver dated March 22
and a Port Townsend receiver dated March 25.


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