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Galapagos to Canada
February 22, 1956

One doesn't often see mail from this location.
This picture postcard was mailed from a barrel post office in the Galapagos.

The mail was left September 7, 1955, and the typed 'transit mark' says,
"Picked up by M/V N.B.Scofield Calif. Dep't of Fish & Game 2/22/56."*
The five and a half month delay in pickup would not be considered good postal service!
The card was destined for Toronto.

The picture shows the barrel marked 'POSTCORREOS'(?).
The description side of the card says,
"Post office Bay | Tis be xxx only from | M. Wizimer, Isle Floreano | Galapagos | Ecuador, S. A."

The note says:
Dear Burgess - Please
note the post mark.
This place has a
population of one family
and is one of the two
barrell post offices in
the world.  The other
is at Cape Haxxxx. Passing
ships pick up the mail
out of the barrel
and mail it at the
nearest post.
        John Mxxxxxx

* I believe N. B. Scofield was an ichthyologist from the University of California
whose work spanned the late 19th century and first quarter of the 20th century.


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