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German East Africa to Germany
February 21, 1901

This registered cover was sent from Dar Es Salaam
about 7°S on the east coast of Africa near Zanzibar.
Its destination was Nürnberg in Bavaria.

The cover was franked with 5 different stamps from
the Kaiser's Yacht Hohenzollern issue of 1900.
There is a 2pfg brown, a 3pfg green, a 5pfg carmine, a 10pfg ultramarine,
and a 25pfg purple and black on salmon paper. (Scott 11-14 and 17).

The cover has five Dar Es Salaam CDS.

Registry was indicated by the preprinted Einschreiben.
A preprinted label as added with the serial number 9.
The blue serial number 12107 was probably added on arrival in Germany.

There is no evidence of the arrival date on the front
although it is likely that the reverse has a destination CDS.

The cover is almost surely philatelic.


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