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Haiti to France
February 20, 1899

This cover was sent from Cap-Haiten on the Atlantic Ocean side of
Hispaniola about 120 km almost due north of the capital of Port-au-Prince.

The back flap was closed with a dated oval handstamp of the sender.
Unfortunately, the sender's name has been hatched out.
There is also a double file fold across the center.

Service Por Steamer was requested; however the addressee's name has been erased.
The destination was Le Havre.
The cover went via New York and was given a machine transit mark on February 28.
The cover arrived in Le Havre on March 9 as indicated by the CDS on the back.

The cover has unusual franking using three pairs.
There are two 1896 1c light blue Coat of Arms with the fronds drooping (Scott 38),
two 1898 4c red Coat of Arms,
and an imperforate pair of the 1898 5c dark green Coat of Arms (like Scott 57).
The total of 20c was the proper double rate for mail sent abroad.

Scott's note on the latter series says that all values exist imperforate.
The imperforates are plate proofs.
This usage was undoubtedly uncommon.


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