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Philippines to Japan
February 16, 1936

This special event flight cover went from
Manila to Tokyo via Amoy, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
I suspect that the Royal Air Force was engaged
in some muscle flexing in the far east on this flight.

Interestingly, the boxed cachet says it was a flying boat
but the printed cachet shows a land-based airplane resembling the DC-3.

The envelope seems to have an allegorical motif.
However, it is covered by the airmail etiquette tape made
specially for this flight (note the misspelling of Manila).

The cover was machine postmarked in Manila.
The cover was franked with a 1935 10c rose carmine overprinted for
the Initial Flight of the China Clipper in December, 1935 (Scott C52)
and a single of the 1935 6c deep violet from the Commonwealth Inauguration
issue showing the Temples of Human Progress (Scott 398).

The cover has a commemorative receiver on the back for its arrival in Tokyo.
I think the date is March 11.

Here is another cover from the same flight for the segment from Hong Kong to Shanghai.

This cover was cancelled on February 17 to make ready for
a flight planned on February 18 according to the boxed cachet.

The sender marked this cover 'By courtesy of the RAF.'

It appears there was some delay as the Shanghai receiver on the reverse is dated February 28.

I'm not sure what the other divided marking on the rear is;
however, I expect it has something to do with the delivery in Shanghai.

This cover had a different boxed cachet.

The cover was franked with a 1931 5c violet King George V (SG 121).
The stamp was cancelled with a single Hong Kong Airmail CDS.

Can anyone tell us more about this flight?


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