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China to Germany
February 16, 1901

This unusual, worn cover is a German 'Feldpost' (see script endorsement on top front)
sent by a member of the German East Asia Expeditionary Corps that provided part
of the multi-national force sent from Tientsin to
relieve the besieged foreign legations in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion.
The siege was lifted on August 14, 1900.

I cannot determine the location from which this cover was sent.
The cover was sent without stamps.

Its destination was Halle an der Saale in Germany, a city about 125 km southwest of Berlin near Liepzig.

There is a boxed handstamp near the script 'Germany' on the front.
It is illegible but perhaps someone can identify it.
I don't know why the English version of Germany was used rather than Deutschland.

Its 'ANKUNFT' (arrival) in Halle an der Saale was noted by the clear March 4 backstamp.

Somehow or other, the back also has had a short piece of selvage from a sheet of German stamps attached.
The placement appears not to have been functional although it might have been used to repair a tear.


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