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Guadeloupe to United States
February 15, 1938

This cover was mailed aboard the SS Heroy of the American-Caribbean Line, a small cruise line.
The sender typed the address noting both paquebot and 'Heroy'.
The purser probably added the script notation concerning the ship and the line.
The cover received three CDS from Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe.
I don't have an explanation as to why this received a Pointe a Pitre postmark.
I would have expected an arrival postmark for New York.
Suggestions, anyone?

The cover was franked with four stamps from the
1928 pictorial series portraying a sugar mill.
There is a 2c black and light red and
three 4c yellow green and orange brown (Scott 96 and 99).
In addition, there is a 1905 1c black on bluish paper
showing the Harbor at Basse-Terre (Scott 54).


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