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British Honduras to United States
February 15, 1905

This registered cover received the obligatory two CDS in Belize, British Honduras (now Belize).
A large circled 'R' was also added as well as the registry number '61988.'

The route to the United States was via New Orleans.
There it received a double circle Reg. Div. backstamp dated February 20.
It was also numbered '36844' on both front and back for tracking in the US registry system.
It went on for delivery in Boston.
The Congress Street address may have indicated a philatelic recipient.

The placement of the stamps further suggests some philatelic playfulness.
The two 5c King Edward VII key-plate, grey-black and blue on blue paper,
Crown CA watermarked stamps appear to be a tête-bêche pair!
Of course, this is not a discovery item but just a carefully selected and placed couple of stamps.
It does get your attention however.

The blue pencilled '38' on the front is probably a post office anotation
for the number of registered letters in a bundle placed on the top letter in the bundle.*

*Thanks to Paul for this suggested solution to the quandary of the blue '38.'


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