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Panama to United States
February 12, 1933

This airmail cover was sent from Colon at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal.
Colon is the principal support city at the Atlantic end.
Note the R. P. in the return address.

The cover received a neat machine cancel.

The envelope was franked with a 1930 20c rose airmail
portraying an airplane over a map of Panama (Scott C8).

The cover would have been carried to Miami by Pan American Airways on F.A.M. 5.
Service had been established between Cristobal/Colon and Miami
via Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, and Havana, Cuba, on April 30, 1930.
Service was also established via Kingston, Jamaica, and Cienfuegos, Cuba,
on December 2, 1930.
Miami to New York service would have been provided by C.A.M. 10
established by Florida Airways, Inc. between Miami and Atlanta and by
C.A.M. 19 from Atlanta to New York flown by Pitcairn Aviation, Inc.


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