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Siam to England
February 12, 1910

This registered cover was sent from Bangkok
Bangkok (now Krung Thep) sits at the north end of the
Gulf of Thailand between the Malay Peninsula and Kampuchea.

Siam (now Thai Muang - Land of the Free People)
has been a strong kingdom since the 13th century.
The Chakri dynasty has ruled since 1782 with Bangkok as the capital.

Internal mail did not start until 1881.
Siam joined the U.P.U. in 1885.
The first stamps were issued in 1883.

This cover is franked with 14 of the 2 satang orange and green
King Chulalongkorn stamps of 1910 (Scott 139).

The stamps were cancelled with six strikes of a Bangkok CDS.

Registration was indicated by a preprinted registry label.
The pencilled blue cross was probably added on arrival in London
where the blue pencilled 727 serial number was also added.
There is no further indication of arrival at its destination in London.


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