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Gold Coast to England
February 8, 1904

This registered cover was sent from Cape Coast on the coast of Africa
about 70 km west of Accra in what is now Ghana.

The cover is franked with a vertical strip of three
1902 1d dull purple and carmine King Edward VII keyplate stamps (SG 39).

The sender requested 'Registered' and the cover was marked
with a bold R in an oval and a script serial number.
I believe that the blue pencilled 338 registration serial number was applied in Ghana.
A blue cross was made on the front and the rear flap was sealed with wax.

There are four Cape Coast CDS.
The addressee was the Principal of Lyndhurst Grove Board[ing] School in London S.E.*
(Note: I am unable to find a reference to this school on the internet.)

The cover entered the British postal system on February 26 through the registry branch.
There it received two CDS with a banner REGISTERED.
I also believe that the blue script serial number of 1570 was added on the front.

One can speculate about the content of the letter.
Was it the next payment for tuition?
Was the offspring in trouble?
Was it an enrollment form?
It probably was not an inquiry regarding entrance.
Dave P. suggests that the enclosure was probably pocket money
for the pupil sent to the school for periodic disbursement.
This suggestion makes good sense.

*Thanks to Jim Whitford-Stark for identifying this school.
He also has noted that Lyndhurst Grove was in Southwark.


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