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Bulgaria to Switzerland
February 5, 1930

This cover was mailed from Plovdiv which is inland about 100 km from the Aegean in mid-south Bulgaria.
Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria.

It took 100 stotinki (= 1 lev) to send it on its way.
The franking consisted of six 15 s violet brown with poet Konstantin Miladinov and
a 10 s dark violet Pope St. Clement from the 1929 historical issue (Scott 214 and 213).

The destination was Berne in Switzerland.
There are no marks shown indicating its receipt.

The handstamp at the top may be transliterated as PECHATNO meaning "stamped".
This probably indicates that the cover is correctly franked.*

*Thanks to Phil for his help in translating the postal marking.


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