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Brazil to Macao
February 4, 1936

This registered cover was sent from Nova Friburgo
which is about 100 km northeast of Rio de Janeiro.
Nova Friburgo is quite a scenic area.
The sender used an envelope with the corner card of the Collegio Anchieta.

The recipient was in Macau, a Portuguese colony adjacent to Hong Kong.
While it was not a part China at the time, as the address would suggest, it
certainly would have taken a routing like items to China.
It has since become a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

Registration was accomplished with two large boxed
and a smaller Nova Friburgo registry box with a script serial number.
The cover also received a wax seal on the back flap.

The cover is franked with a 1935 700r turquoise blue 400th Anniversary
of the founding of Espirito Santo (Scott 413), a 1935 200r maroon
and brown 400th Anniversary of the founding of Pernambuco (Scott 402),
and a 1931 300r olive green Mercury (Scott 335).
In addition there is a 1933 200r dark violet "Faith and Energy" allegory (Scott 385).

The circular transit stamp on the back is probably from Rio de Janeiro.
The next stop was Lisbon on February 24 as indicated by the
characteristically octagonal Portuguese transit mark on the rear.

Its final stop was at the destination of Macao where an octagonal March 21 receiver was applied.
The Macao post office also applied a label which appears to be annotated regarding the contents.
I don't know whether this was associated with the registry process or with customs.
Can anyone help?

There is also a script marking suggesting that the
recipient had been sent a first notice of the item's arrival.


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