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South Australia to England
February 1, 1855

This rather dirty cover was sent from Adelaide on the south central coast of Australia.

It bears a strip of three of the first stamp issued for South Australia.
The 2d. rose carmine Victoria was issued
on January 1, 1855, just one month before this usage.
The 1d. and 6d. stamps of this first set were not issued until October 26, 1855.
However, this stamp is listed as SG 2.

Gibbons suggests a premium of "from x 3" for these stamps on cover.
I would expect the early usage to add some value as well.

The stamps are cancelled with a fine strike of the boxed grille.
There is also a nice Adelaide PAID postmark.
The destination of the cover was Haderston, Norfolk.
There appears to be a red transit CDS marking the arrival of the cover in England on April 6.


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