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Jamaica to Bermuda
January 29, 1936

The routing is what makes this cover particularly interesting.
One would not think that one would travel from Jamaica to Bermuda via New York City.
However, that is exactly what this cover did.
Jamaica to Bermuda was a very irregular route.

Kingston was served by F.A.M. Route 5 flown by
Pan American Airways which circled the Caribbean.
The route probably would have been Kingston to Cienfuegos, Cuba, to Miami,
via F.A.M. Route 5 and then to New York via Eastern Airlines
flying Contract Air Mail Route 19 up the east coast from Miami to New York.
The route from New York to Bermuda was plied regularly
by cruise ships in the winter and was probably the best route.

The New York-Hamilton route (Foreign Air Mail Route 17) was not started
by Pan American Airways until June 15, 1937.

The cover is franked with two stamps from the 1932 pictorials.
The 2d shows palms at Columbus Cove and the 6d shows
Priestman's River in Portland Parish (Scott 106 and 108, respectively).
The cancellation is a nice Kingston slogan suggesting


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