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Dominican Republic to United States
January 27, 1921

This advertising reply envelope was mailed in San Pedro de Macoris.
San Pedro is on the Caribbean coast of Hispaniola
about 60 km east of the capital of Santo Domingo.

San Pedro de Macoris is also where many major league baseball players got their start.*

The cover was a business reply envelope provided
by the Koken Companies in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Koken Companies were manufacturers of supplies for barber shops.
Who doesn't remember a Koken barber chair?
And the distinctive Koken trademark reminiscent of Coca Cola?

The cover is franked with a 2c. olive green
and black Arms overprinted 1919 (Scott 219).
It was applied over another stamp which appears to
be a United States 2c. Washington-Franklin.

This stamp and its envelope was probably supplied by Koken
as part of a catalog package to encourage orders.

The stamps were cancelled with a San Pedro duplex
cancel comprised of a date dial and five bars.

*Thanks to Howard E. Schwatt for pointing out this aspect of San Pedro.


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