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Turkey Internal Usage
January 27, 1914

This cover shows how a stamp dealer went about acquiring used current stamps on cover.
He sent a letter to himself which was short paid and then had the
post office attach stamps he wished to have in used form for the difference.

 The cover went into the mail on January 26 with only the 2pa red lilac
from the stamps issued on January 14 (Scott 254) at the lower right.
It was mailed locally and received a cancel from Galati, a district in Instanbul.*

The cover was marked with the circled T indicating postage due.
When delivered, the postage due was collected by applying four stamps and cancelling them with the arrival marking.
Pera is likely to have been a district or post office near or within Galati.*
The Grand Rue de Pera was an elegant cosmopolitan avenue in the 19th century Ottoman Empire.
It was renamed Independence Street after formation of the Turkish Repulic in 1923.

The stamps used were postage dues made by overprinting and surcharging the Adrianople issue of 1913.
This particular cover includes a complete set of the 1913 postage due overprints:
2pa black on 10pa green, 5pa blue on 20pa red, 10pa red on 40pa blue, and 20pa black on 40pa blue
(Scott J59-J62).

Neat, even if philatelic.

*Thanks to Phil for the research on the Grand Rue de Pera.


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