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Porto Rico to United States
January 26, 1860

This stampless folded letter was delivered to the United States by a ship's captain.
His first port of call in the United States was in New Haven,
Connecticut, on the mainland side of Long Island Sound.
His delivery fee was 2.

The New Haven CDS indicates 3 cts but the total fee is in the Ship 5 collect
marking (3 for less than oz. and less than 3000 miles plus 2 for the ship).

The content shows that the letter was written in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on January 26, 1860.
It was put into the mail in New Haven on February 15.
It was then forwarded to its destination in New York.

The docketting on the rear indicates that the letter was from 1860.
The sender was Pratz & Co.
The mail was datelined Ponce on January 26.
It was received in New York City on February 16.
Apparently it took until June 16 to answer the letter.

The message is somewhat enigmatic.
It reads, "We enclose press copy
of our last respects and also second of the
draft to which we refer."
Guesses, anyone?


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