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Siam to Netherlands
January 26, 1940

This air mail cover received a Bangkok GPO cancel on its way to K. L. M. probably via Burma.*
Its destination was The Hague.
The Netherlands was still unoccupied.
It was not until May 10, 1940, that the Germans invaded.

Note the return address which indicates the sender was an employee of the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
It is also interesting to note that the return address uses Thailand while the stamp still says Siam.
"Thailand" was used because Siam had become Thailand in June, 1939, only 7 months before this cover.
It reverted to Siam in September, 1945 but was changed again to Thailand on 10 May 1949.*

The cover also has a triangular PASSED BY CENSOR stamp.
It was probably applied in Calcutta although somewhere in Burma is possible.*

The cover is franked with a single 1t grey violet and green of the 1926 Throne Room
issue intended to commemorate the 15th year of the reign of King Vajiravudh.
However, the King died and the stamps were issued as ordinary stamps.

There is a pencilled notation across the lower right corner which I cannot explain.
Help, anyone?

*Thanks to Paul and Richard W. for the additions to this page.


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