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Bechuanaland Protectorate to Southwest Africa
January 24, 1933

This cover was sent from Ghanzi which is in the
northern Kalahari desert at 2138'S and 2145'E.
It is now in Botswana.

The destination was Windhoek in Southwest Africa.
Windhoek is about 270 km inland from the Atlantic coast of Africa.
Ghanzi is about 500 km east northeast of Windhoek.
Windhoek is now in Namibia.

The cover appears to have been a philatelic preparation of E. M. Bierbrauer.
My hypothesis is that Bierbrauer was traveling inland on business
and used the letters home to further his philatelic interests.
Note this one is marked No II.

Judging by the map, Ghanzi would have been little more
than an outpost in 1933 (although there were 40 farms/cattle
ranches there in 1936) so this combination is uncommon.

The cover was franked with two 1925 BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE
overprints (SG 93) on 2d. Die II orange George V (SG 370).
There are also two stamps from the 1932 George V
pictorials - d. green and 4d. orange (SG 99 and 103).

There are three strikes of the Ghanzi CDS.

Someone has put a $300 price on the cover at one time.
I'm not sure that the price is justified by the stamps
used although Gibbons does value them at  from 6x.
I am certain, however, that one could search a lifetime if your collection
required a cover between the two post offices in the 1930s.


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