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Andorra to United States
January 23, 1949

This airmail cover was sent from St. Julien de Loria
(Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria) in the southwest corner of Andorra.
Tiny Andorra (only 468 sq km) is tucked in the Pyrenees
on the border between France and Spain.
It issues and uses stamps in both Spanish and French
and is supported by both postal administrations.

There are three St. Julien de Loria octagonal postmarks on this cover.
The cover is franked with French Administration stamps from the 1944-51 issue.
There is a 5fr emerald (Scott 117); a 6fr violet brown
(Scott 107); and a 50fr  sepia (Scott 104).

Surprisingly, there is no charge for postal service
within Andorra so their stamps are not used locally.
The stamps are only used for mail going to other U.P.U. countries.


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