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Japan to United States
January 22, 1905

This picture post card went into the mail in Yokohama.
It received two CDS in Yokohama including the obligatory English.
There is a Seattle transit mark dated February 1 and an Oxford, Ohio, receiver dated February 7.

The stamps are an unremarkable pair of the 2 sen light green chrysanthemums of 1899 (Scott 96).

The message is a typical "hi-dad-and-mom-glad-to-hear-from-you-busy-will-write-soon"
note from a 'grand tour' traveler.

I cannot decipher the Japanese steamer shown in the picture.*

*Bill Burch suggests that the legend is something like "Japanese Hospital Ship xxxx Mauru."
He also notes the Red Cross on the ship's funnel.
This would certainly fit as this was during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5.
Port Athur had capitulated on December 20, 1904.


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