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Barbados to Canada
January 20, 1921

This registered cover was sent from Barbados
where it was cancelled in the R.L.O. (registered letter office).
Barbados is the most easterly of the islands of the Caribbean
lying near the south end of the Lesser Antilles.

Registration included the addition of a preprinted label which also had a stamped serial number.

I believe the CDS at the upper right rear indicated the arrival of the letter in Montreal on February 1.
The Canadian registry system probably added the 404 stamped on the front.

Its destination was Waterloo, Ontario.
Waterloo is near Kitchener about 95 km west southwest of Toronto.

The cover arrived in Waterloo on February 2 and two backstamps were added.

The cover is franked with six d.  bister-brown and black and one 2d.  ultramarine
and indigo from the Victory issue of 1920 (SG 201 and 205).
Used stamps of this  series other than the d. and 1d. receive a premium for used over mint.
Gibbons also suggest of premium of 6x for stamps on cover.
This would support the script $75 on the front.


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