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Baden to France
January 17, 1870

This folded letter was sent from Mannheim about 70 km south of Frankfurt am Main.

Its destination was Grenoble in southeastern France.

The cover was struck with four Mannheim CDS.

It traveled via Paris where it arrived on Januiary 18 as noted by the CDS.
It arrived in Grenoble on January 20.

The letter was franked with an 1864 9kr bister
Coat of Arms and two 1862 3kr rose (Scott 23a and 20).

All in all, a nice example of the usage of these Baden stamps.
By the way, Baden had been a member of  the German Confederation
and it was in 1870 that it became a part of the German Empire.
This was just in time for the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71.


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