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Federated Malay States to United States
January 17, 1908

This picture post card was sent from Kuala Lumpur in Malaya.
The stamp is a 'Malay Tiger' 3c brown issued in 1906 on ordinary paper (SG 33).

The sender made a fairly detailed route request:
Per the Norddeutcher Lloyd on the S.S. P. E. Friedrich and via Penang.

The S.S. Prinz Eitel Friedrich* had quite a colorful history
even including service in the 1920s as an immigrant ship from Europe.
It was launched in the 1904 but was done in by the depression in 1929.

The card received a Penang transit mark on January 20.

The Sakai shown climbing trees are an ethnic minority in Malaysia.
They are threatened with extinction and are of interest to anthropologists.

It is interesting to note that the sender dated the card one day before the postmark.
Was someone confused with the international date line?

During the original search for information on the ship, I did come across another postcard
from the same era showing a Seepost cancel from the ship.
  The message was written as the ship was on the way to Penang where the card went into the mail.
The picture side of the card showed wharf traffic in Penang.
It showed a building marked 'Post Office.'
Unfortunately, these links have disappeared.

*Thanks to Phil for finding the reference to the
Prinz Eitel Friedrich which led to the other collateral discoveries.
Just see where a little postcard can lead you!


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