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Hong Kong to India
January 16, 1873

This stampless folded letter was routed Per Steamer "Historian" via Calcutta.
The Historian was operated by Thos. and Jas. Harrison out of Liverpool.
It was built in 1870 and displaced 1836 tons.
It was operated by the Harrisons through 1891.

After entering the mail in Hong Kong (inverted CDS on the rear),
its next encounter was in Calcutta where it received a boxed CAL:G.P.O.
and Steamship Letter T.P.O. CDS for Calcutta on January 31.

On February 2 it appears to have departed Calcutta and was struck with
the EX | 1HOES | G. P. O. | CALCUTTA | FE 2 CDS which I believe to be a departure mark.

It arrived in Bombay on February 4 where a Bombay receiver with a small crown was applied.

I don't understand why there are no rate markings.
Any help with further explanation of these markings would be appreciated.,


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